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NO. Learn how to be a logical thniekr. When you use logic, you keep in consideration the relevance one issue has when evaluating another. The relevance of his ability to quickly recall the name of his plan is beyond minimal to the issue of whether or not he can reform healthcare. The correlation is 0. Maybe a +.0001 but your point still is completely wrong. I'm sure you could find a real reason why he would fail at reforming healthcare, why don't you?


Ron was done after the first debate on Fox.He retresenps everything that is wrong with the GOP for the last 20 years.Picked him because he a Black Moderate big tenter. He's way pro affirmative action and weak on gun control one of those, as long as they don't touch hunting guns types. The Republican Party needs to get back to true conservative concepts, cut gov't, cut spending, cut waste, cut the bullshit, strong on defense, Pro-America and hell kissing progressive ass, it's just the new name of Liberal nanny gov't socialism.

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