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I about such yet did not hear

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how can a crazy person like this walk into a gun store and lgealy purchase a handgun. First does this person have mental issues documented by a licensed physician. Obviously not because of the privacy laws a physician cannot disclose patient information. So here is the real problem there is no legal way for a physician to disclose this information to the proper authorities so that they cannot purchase a firearm. The firearm laws that are in place are more than adequate and they work. The only law that needs to be added is to prohibit the sale of firearms by individual owners to anyone without a background check. That's it the only items that need to be changed. I personally enjoy getting together with my friends on a Saturday afternoon and shoot our firearms trying to get closer to the bulls eye than the other. It is a skill to be able to put a bullet in a bulls eye from over a 100 yards away. I personally don't hunt I do my hunting at the grocery store. I didn't by my firearms to kill I bought them to shoot at targets. One more thing, like many malls and business these days were there signs prohibiting the carrying of concealled firearms by licensed persons other than law inforcement? All it would have taken was one person who was lgealy carrying a firearm to stop the individual. In the future please get your facts straight and speak using the correct terminology.

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