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that if he were the President right now , he would fire the the Chairman of the Fed (I think he was talking about the Fed ) Bush, on the other hand coenutins to stand behind the man he nominated for the position. Mind, you, McCain was part of that unanimous vote that approved the man in question - and so was Obama. But I digress. My point is that too many people are seeing only that McCain is a Republican. Bush is a Republican. No more Republicans. And not enough people are looking that the two men who are the actual candidates in this election.McCain is a seasoned veteran, in all senses of the word, but that does not mean that he is Washington status quo . He has regularly upset the system, spoken against his party, and been picked on by Republicans for not being conservative enough. Obama, on the other hand, is new a fresh in Washington, comparatively, but that does not mean he is any more immune to the political environment.The real solution is to elect a President who is a seasoned leader, someone with excellent foreign policy, someone who has been around and seen what works and what doesn't, and for that person to have someone fresh, with new eyes and full of vigor and ambition to be taken under the wing. This is EXACTLY what we would have had if people could have seen past Obama's skin color (and let's quit pretending that there aren't at least a hundred other charismatic young Democrats who aren't at least, if not more qualified than Obama) and nominated Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. She had already stated that she had the wisdom and experience to know that picking Obama as her running mate was an obvious and smart choice. Clinton would have lead for eight years, and then Obama would have lead for another eight years. Democrats would have ruled the White House for sixteen years solid, with little or no competition. Now the whole thing is up in the air because Obama is too green, and apparently unwise, to have done the simple and obvious thing in tapping Clinton as his running mate.

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