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Hamilton Crossings mall TIF

By John Donches - There's rumors that the Lehigh County Commissioners will reconsider their previous 6/3 NO vote on the "Hamilton Crossings mall" TIF (Tax Increment Financing), actually a NO vote for $7,000,000 in "Corporate Welfare" to an out of state developer. This developer, Mr. Tim Harrison, led several closed to the public meetings with select members of the East Penn School District Board, Lehigh County and Lower Macungie Commissioners to determine how much "Corporate Welfare" he would receive. The school district and Lower Mac voted YES to the tax handout.
Mr. Harrison has stated many times that if he doesn't get this corporate welfare he will not be able to build. Essentially he is saying property taxes in Lehigh County are too high and he can't afford them. Can you?

Would we actually rather give corporate welfare tax handouts to out of state developers, so we can shop at yet another mall? Or fully fund our schools, county and local government services?
Let the elected officials know what you think about a revote on corporate welfare; call or E-mail.

Phone: 610-782-3050       E-Mail - [email protected]   

School District
Phone: 610-966-8333       E-mail - [email protected]

Lower Mac.
Phone: 610-966-4343       E-mail -- [email protected]

CC me too [email protected]

John Donches


Delaware River Flood Resolution

I would like to thank Ed Smith and all the Warren County NJ Freeholders for the flood prevention resolution you passed on Oct. 23, 2013 that called for the Governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware to petition the US. Supreme Court to order New York City to keep the water levels in its NYC Delaware Reservoirs at or below 90 percent throughout the year. The resolution, in part, states that the management of those reservoirs is a "significant factor" in flooding in Warren County, creating "an unnecessary and dangerous threat" of life and property to people living downstream.
People along the Delaware had not experienced a major flood in 49 years and then we experienced three major floods in 23 months! Sept. 2004, April 2005 and June 2006. due to heavy rains when the reservoirs were 100%+ full before the rain event.

In the June 06 flood, 195 billion gals. poured out of the reservoirs into the Delaware, the equivalent of Niagara Falls running into the Delaware for 37 hours!

The 100% full reservoirs were not able to release water quickly, due to small release values at the bottom. It can take weeks to create a void to accommodate a heavy rainfall. This is the reason that there must be a minimum of 10% year around safety void to prevent future flooding.

In Oct. 2005 we experienced the second heaviest rainfall since 1941, we did not flood, and the reservoirs were below 60%
The results of the Flood Analysis Model released in 2009 and paid for by the states of PA, NJ, DE, NY as well as the federal government proved that if prestorm voids exist, flood crests will be lower.

Thank you for your resolution that requires New York to do what they should have done to prevent higher flood crests after receiving the scientific proof from the Flood Analysis Model of 2009!
Government officials supporting the dire needs of their constituents is greatly appreciated. We who live outside of Warren County hope that our elected officials follow your example for the good of us all. Thank you!
Gail Pedrick
New Hope

Delaware Riverside Conservancy
Box 1 Stewartsville NJ 08886


Response to "District: Northampton mascot not a front for KKK"

To:  Editorial Staff

Channel 69 News

This editorial has been written to address the recent news headline that Northampton School District's Konkrete Kids logo is in some way connected to the infamous, horrific, clandestine and disgusting, cloaked segregationalists- The KKK.  As a retired teacher in the Northampton Area School District, I find this deeply offensive both personally and professionally.  This is not only preposterous; it is ludicrous, uneducated, immoral and unprofessional.  Putting us in the same category as the "KKK" is an insult to all of us who were and are dedicated to Northampton Area School District and the Konkrete Kids.  I was, am now, and always will be proud of serving the Konkrete Kids, and I will do everything in my power to stand behind them and continue to support the logo.

As deeply rooted Christian, I feel this intimation borders on a sin of the highest order and the person or persons who started this need to do some very deep self-examination and soul searching.  In my entire career, I never once heard anything referenced to the "KKK" and, or African-Americans.  I pray to God that these people never get to a position of authority or Washington D.C.  Let all of us pray that this dies on the vine before it destroys an excellent school district.

Sterling M. Ritter
Retired German Teacher