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Dream house come true!!


Is anyone else hopelessly addicted to those gorgeous  'my house will never look like this'  home store catalogs? You know the ones that come in the mail every couple weeks with names like Potterybarn, Ballard, and West Elm?  They have beautiful pictures of those strange foreign-looking family rooms, where everything is in its place.  There are no small toys strewn about, no sofa cushions askew or (gasp!) knocked on the floor by a jumping child.  No newspapers, coloring books or Popsicle wrappers cover the top of the nice chunky coffee table. (Yes, I found a Popsicle wrapper on my coffee table the other day, and it is February.)

I long to live in one of those catalogs. I pour over every page. I tear out the pictures and make notes about paint colors. I even save my favorites in a file folder.  Future dining room tables and bookcases have sat in that folder for years now.  Waiting for a time when they’ll leave that cartoon thought bubble over my head via UPS and arrive in my great room, where my smiling family (with no popsicles in sight) will be sitting on a white couch, eagerly awaiting their arrival.  Then, I notice the price tag that goes along with those perfectly distressed chunky tables and bookcases and POP! Back to reality. That is, until I discovered a lovely woman named Ana.

 Ana, like thousands of other design addicts out there, shares my love for organized bookcases, floating shelves, and storage benches.  The only difference is Ana doesn’t dream of having them one day. Sure, she too rips out the pictures of the pieces she likes and keeps them in a file folder, but she’s never going to buy them. Nope. Ana doesn’t dream of having those chunky tables and bookcases, because the stay-at-home mom BUILDS those chunky tables and bookcases. That’s right. Ana doesn’t have to dream because she can build! And you know what? You can too!! And the best part? You can make most of the pieces for less than $100! Some for less than $20! I get excited just thinking about it!

Coming up in our next installment of “What can Davis save us?” I’ll show you how you too can get the dream-home look without the nightmare price tag!  Only on 69 News at 10.


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Sounds pretty cool! I totally rip out the pages too, and dream of the picture perfect home. Its hard to eyeball a bookcase that costs alot of money, knowing my children will trash it eventually.

exactly liz! you'll love this story!

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