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October 21, 2013


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Jim Miller

I watched tonight's Bussiness Matters show and was, well, disappointed. WFMZ had a chance to present both sides of an issue and instead has the mederator and one guest gang up on the other. Mr. Kessler was given half the show to speak and the host threw him softballs. The other guest never had a chance to make his point becasue the host kept letting Mr. Kessler interupt him. The fact were never discussed. First,the First Ammendment says Congress cannot pass laws limiting freedom of speech. However, an employer can fire an employee for what the employee says. As a Democrat, I would fear the protection Mr. Kessler would give me in Gilberton and the city felt the same way. Second, he was actually suspended for using city property for his own personal use. Third, in my opinion, Mr. Kessler may have some mental issues; he has at least showed that he may be unfit to be a law enforcement officer. None of this was presented on the show and WFMZ should be ashamed of theirselves for airing such a one sided viewpoint.

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